Nigerian Heart Foundation

About Us.

What we are doing

Nigerian Heart Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1992 and promotes heart health, scientific research in cardiovascular health, healthy lifestyles and advocacy on heart issues.

  • Prevention of Heart Diseases

  • Promotion of Research on Heart Diseases

  • Public Enlightenment on Heart Issues

  • Promotion of Heart Health

  • Advocacy on Heart Issues

We are funded by public and private sector support in terms of donations in cash and kind.

Our Vision

To promote prevention of Heart Disease and Stroke, and empower Nigerians to live a healthy life.

Our Mission

To play a leading role in the fight against Heart Disease and Stroke with the aim of reducing the number of Nigerians suffering from premature death and disabilities.

Promote Reasearch on Heart Diseases

Supports and implements Health Educational Programmes for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and to encourage prevention of heart diseases and stroke in workplaces.