World Heart Day (WHD)

Annually, the World Heart Day is marked globally on September 29th. The month of September/October every year is used by the Nigerian Heart Foundation to build core awareness about cardiovascular diseases and related issues and localizes the global theme to create events that are relevant to our population. Nigerian Heart Foundation partners with Government and their Agencies, Ministries, Corporate Organizations and the Media. The events are created to run for a month.

National Heart Awareness Campaign

The National Heart Awareness campaign is an initiative promoted by the Nigerian Heart Foundation and our major partners in recognition of the rising prevalence of Cardiovascular disease in the Nigerian population. The campaign is to create awareness on the issue of Heart health throughout Nigeria. The target population will be those in work places – in the public and private sectors, and artisans in all area of business endeavour.

Golf Tournaments

Golf tournaments are organised for Executives of organizations and Business sectors, to encourage them to engage in physical activities. During the tournaments, health promotion lectures are organized and health screenings are carried out.


Nigerian Heart Foundation works with the Media to educate the Public on the importance of healthy living and create awareness for Nigerian Heart Foundation programme through:

  • Press Briefings
  • Articles
  • Press Release
  • Reports
  • Newsletters

World Salt Awareness Week

World Salt awareness week is organized to call for more action; encourage individuals to read labels and choose foods with less salt and partner with food companies to provide the population with low salt options.

Healthy Heart Bazaar

This is an annual event that brings food companies, producers of medical equipment, health organizations and civil society organizations, gym operators and individuals together and provides the opportunity to exhibit and educate the public. Nigerian Heart Foundation uses the event to further create awareness for the Nigerian Heart Foundation Heart Check Food Labelling Programme logo.