Dr. Enitan Oluyemisi Ademuson

Programmes Director

Dr. Enitan Oluyemisi Ademuson

Dr. Enitan Ademuson is an Experienced Healthcare Executive with 30+ years’ experience leading national teams to create and implement, Public Health Policy, Structural Organisational Change, National Health Care Programmes, working with National and International Health organisations to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. She worked for the Federal Ministry of Health as the Director and Head of several divisions including: Port Health Services, Occupational Health and Safety, Neglected tropical Diseases, Public Health Laboratory and Environmental Health. Dr. Ademuson is a strategic leader, a Public Health consultant and a certified counselor.

Dr. Ademuson has impacted the public health space and work environment using Health Audit as a tool for planning and introducing sustainable health systems for organisations and governments, facilitating community health interventions for sustainable health care, Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety training on work related issues.

Amongst many contributions during her stint in the Federal Ministry of Health, she participated in the formulation of the National Food Hygiene and Safety Policy, coordination and participation in intra and inter-Ministerial Meetings on Public Health concerns including Health and Safety Issues and she initiated and supervised the development of the training manual for staff of the Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Units in the states’ Ministry of Health.

Amongst the many interventions, she coordinated the activities of the division on the awareness, treatment and eradication of Neglected Tropical Diseases in Nigeria, Led a team of stakeholders across state, government and international health organizations on the development of National Policy on Neglected Tropical Diseases, initiated and participated in training of state officials and community members to foster active community engagement and ownership of intervention programs and management of data gathering efforts including community based research, GPS tracking for accurate accountability and comparison to government targets.

A graduate of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, Nigeria; Ecole de Santa Publique, Brussels, Belgium and The University of Birmingham, UK, where she obtained her graduate and postgraduate degrees in Public Health and Occupational Health respectively. She is a Consultant Public Health Physician and an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant. A lover of the youth, involved with youth empowerment as well as providing health services for the less economically empowered. Dr. Enitan Oluyemisi Ademuson currently works with Nigerian Heart Foundation as the Director, Programmes.