The Nigerian Heart Foundation supports and implements Health Educational programmes for the promotion of healthy life styles and to encourage prevention of heart diseases and stroke in work places. Professional educational programmes including seminars, workshops, and summits are organised to improve the knowledge of Health professionals, Multi-stakeholders and partners in Government, Public and Private Sectors.

My Healthy Heart Pocketbook.

Nigerian Heart Foundation in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) published “My Healthy Heart Pocketbook” to educate the Nigerian public on simply lifestyle and dietary information to keep Nigerians heart healthy and reduce their risk to Cardiovascular Diseases.

Over one hundred thousand copies of “My Healthy Heart Pocketbook” have been printed and distributed so far.

Help Nigerian Heart Foundation print and distribute “My Healthy Heart Pocketbook” to educate more Nigerians on Health Heart.

To donate, send an email to or Call: +2347-030-000-120